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Who are we?

The family tradition of the viticulture Bordon dates back to 1985. Ivan Bordon was the first private winemaker from the Slovene Istria to introduce his own wine brands.

Now his son Boris continues with the innovativeness and devoted work, striving for perfection and producing top quality wines, highly recognized and award-winning both at home and abroad. Like his father did, he passes his knowledge and invaluable experience to his son.

The old mill, which you can see when visiting and tasting our selection of wines, bears witness of the rich history of the Bordon farm.

We begin to nurture the quality of our wines in the vineyards. The Refosco wine dominates among the wines we produce. It is indigenous to the Slovene Istria. We also produce Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah, which are the basis for Cuveé Bon d'Or and Roséa, and the Malvasia and Moscatel white wines. The Straw Wine is a speciality of our wine cellar.


Dekani 63 Dekani Slovenia

Telephone +386 41 721 228
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