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Slovenian Rebula as seen by Exotic Wine Travel

Rebula or Ribolla Gialla is definitely the most important grape in Slovenia. Matthew Horkey from made a great video and wrote an article about Rebula and its different styles. Check different Rebula selections bellow.

Rebula (Ribolla Gialla in Italian) is definitely one of the most important grapes for Slovenian winemakers. It grows in the western part of Slovenia, mostly in Goriška Brda region but you can also find it in Vipava valley

We could say that Rebula has this complex simplicity that inspires wine makers with its freshness, lightness, nice acidity but at the same time it has so many faces with different styles.

Rebula is wonderful as a simple and fresh white wine with its fruity and mineral taste, also as 100% rebula sparkling wine and all the way to matured wine aged in oak or even in amphora. It can also be outstanding as a macerated white wine that many people now call orange or amber wine. We can also find many examples of Rebula sweet wine made from naturally dried grapes. Very different wines from the same grape variety.

Nature played a crucial role in this unique region divided by a border, providing exceptional conditions for making a premium wine thanks to its terrain characteristics. The Mediterranean sea on the south and the Alps on the north are creating a special climate and furthermore a modest soil ‘opoka’ gives the wine its distinguishing mineral note.

Read the article about Rebula on

And here is the video on Rebula from Matthew - Exotic Wine Travel.

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