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Get your wine directly from the winemaker

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Why is working directly with winemakers important?

Connecting winemakers & winelovers

You love wine, right? When you open that tasty bottle you get a part of nature caught in it. Most of the time we forget that the winemaker was working the whole year (with some wines even more than that) so we can enjoy this gift from the nature. So, our connection with the winemaker is pretty important, right? When you choose and buy your wine directly from the winemaker throught you support their hard work.

Cutting out "the middle man" also means the winemaker will get more bucks for the bottle and at the end of the day (someday in the future) this will mean also lower prices for all of us. Let's keep supporting our winemakers so we can enjoy what they make and put in the bottles for us.

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