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Vino Kupljen, Jeruzalem

Rose Sagniee

2016 / 100% Modri pinot
6.10 €
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Štajerska - Slovenija



Taste profile
Fruit Body Tannin Acidity Sweetness
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Serving temperature

8 °C

The Story

Our rosé is made from pinot noir grapes. After a six-hour maceration, the must – which at that point already obtains the typical rosé colour – is separated from the liquid without the grapes being pressed. Rosé unites both worlds, of red and white wine – it exhibits the freshness, playfulness and fruitiness of the whites, and the minerality of the reds. It is an ideal wine for all summer long: from Easter to Saint Martin's Day.

Excellent as soon as when placed on the market, and a true delight with a meal or on long summer days on the patio, in the garden or on the bow of a boat, with the colour of the sun mirrored in the colour of the wine just before sunset.

Red onion.

Tender, youthful and diverse, reminiscent of raspberries, strawberries, yellow apples and citrus fruits.

Dry, full yet fresh, slightly mineral.

Medium- to full-bodied.

Rosé with food
It makes for a nice aperitif, and pairs superbly with fish dishes, clams, crabs, white veal and seafood risotto. It also makes for an exceptional companion to home-made pizza or pasta.

Wine ratings

(5.0) 1 rating

Vanja Mramor, 22 August 2016 at 07:33

Great fruity summer wine. Not too dry, not too sweet. I recommend to drink it very cold (like sparkling wine). Easy to drink on it's own and also very nice for food pairing (light dishes and also with desserts).