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Vino Kupljen, Jeruzalem


2015 / 100% Chardonnay
29.28 €
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Rich White


Štajerska - Slovenija



Taste profile
Fruit Body Tannin Acidity Sweetness
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Serving temperature

14 °C

The Story

Chardonnay is a French wine variety at home all around the globe; it is the world’s indisputable number one white wine. It arrived to Styria in 1822. It develops the strongest character if aged in wooden barrels. Slovenia is a land of exquisite chardonnays, which is a less known fact because most winemakers prefer to pride themselves on other varieties.

Sirius – the name of the sky's brightest star – is made from the chardonnay grape variety. It is only produced in the best of vintages, whereupon it is left in French oak barriques to mature for 18 months. Its character is complex, pronounced and persistent. A considerable number of comments have declared that Sirius boasts the freshness and verticality of Chablis and the fullness of the Côte d'Or wines. Still young when bottled, it will reach its peak in 3–5 years, and can age for at least a decade, or more.

It is of a deeper, golden yellow hue.

On the nose it offers a fairly distinct and varied bouquet, reminiscent of white flowers, the freshness of fruit, such as apples and pears, butter, and tender roasted notes and scents of vanilla.

Dry in the mouth, with a buttery texture and plenty of acid, giving it a nice vertical component.

Sirius with food
It goes well with roasted fish with sauce, roast chicken with mushroom sauce, or grilled scallops.

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