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Vino Kupljen, Jeruzalem

Sivi Pinot

2015 / 100% Sivi Pinot
7.32 €
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Fresh White


Štajerska - Slovenija



Taste profile
Fruit Body Tannin Acidity Sweetness
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Serving temperature

12 °C

The Story

Pinot gris is originally a French variety, which had, however, arrived to Styria back in 1822 and has become perfectly acclimatised and adapted to our environment. Two sides of the variety are known in the grape-growing world: the simple and vivacious Venetian pinot grigio, and the rich aromatic Alsacian pinot gris.

The Styria pinot gris has its very own style, displaying both the freshness of the simple grigio and the richness of the aromatic gris. It is a wine ready to be consumed as soon as it is made, but can likewise mature for at least half a decade or, in case of excellent vintages, even longer.

Soft golden yellow.

Quite aromatic on the nose, with a soft but discernible bouquet of ripe red apples, juicy yellow fruit, and a hint of butter.

Dry, with restrained but decently pronounced acids. A somewhat buttery texture, and a clear and persistent finish.

Depending on the vintage it can be medium- to full-bodied, but never too heavy.

Pinot gris with food
It is a very culinary wine, pairing well with most food, including cold and warm starters; a connoisseur will also offer it with Asian and spicy food.

Wine ratings

(4.5) 1 rating

Vanja Mramor, 16 August 2016 at 10:12

Nice wine with medium long after taste. Also great for food pairing.