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Lepa Vida

Vi 2017

2017 /
24.90 €
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Rich White


Vipava Valley



Taste profile
Bottle size


Serving temperature

10 - 12°C

The Story

Vi = You (en.) = Lei (it.)  

Showing respect to our fellow humans around us is crucial part of relationships. With Vi we wanted to express our respect to two typical styles of Chardonnay - Chablis (France) and Napa valley (USA) chardonnays.

Chablis tends to be less oaky, more mineral and more elegant. Napa valley chardonnays on the other hand are representatives of the so-called New World style - expressing toasty notes, vanilla and cinnamon. Each region developed its own character of Chardonnay and each of them has its fans.

For us Vi is special also for another reason. The name actually comes from our kids, Vito and Iza (V + I) They are our future. They are also our pride and our joy. Hence a different label, Lepa Vida in gold colours.

Vi is 100% barrel fermented Chardonnay. It is fermented partly in new barrels and partly in 1 year old (used) barrels. The barrels were selected in cooperation with french boutique cooperage DAMY and are made of Allier oak, medium toasted.

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