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Lepa Vida

Zelen 2019

2019 /
9.80 €
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Fresh White


Vipava Valley



Taste profile
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Serving temperature

10 - 12°C

The Story

zelén = green (en.) = verde (it.)

Zelén is a grape variety indigenous to the Vipava valley. It is grown on only 80 hectares in Vipava valley and the estimations are that there are only 200,000 bottles of Zelén available each year. A true hidden gem of the Vipava valley.

So far, the origins of the name Zelén (green) remain as more or less logical guesses. Some believe that it comes from the must - which tends to have more greener tones. Others believe it comes from wine and that before filtration the wine has green hues.

However, what is 100% true is that the aromatic character of Zelén wines is special - the aromas tend to be greener, closer to spicy notes than fruity notes. Another fact is the light body on the palate, based also on lower alcohol level - 12% by volume is the usual maximum you would get from Zelén. 

We planted Zelén vines at Lepa Vida a few years ago. Our first Zelén was bottled at Lepa Vida in 2017 (harvest of 2016). With only 2,000 bottles per year, Zelén will always be something more special for us.

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